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My second photoscan! My own beanie!

My second ever photoscan of my beanie, it still have some fixes to do, but for my second photoscan, I'm quite satisfied of the results. I took around 90 pictures with my DSLR-type Samsung camera all around my beanie. I used two free softwares, VisualSFM and MeshLabs to make the photoscan. The model couldn't be created 100% correctly because I didn't have the best lighting while the photoshoot, but it's good enough for these kinds of scenes. Cleaned up and rendered in Blender using the Cycles render engine.

Henry ryhanen finishedsnow2

Tried the beanie in a more 'wintery' scene

Henry ryhanen finished1

My original scene with the beanie

Henry ryhanen ss 2017 01 09 at 07 55 14